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Reducing climate impacts in agriculture: How are leading businesses taking action?

Agriculture, forestry and other land use continues to contribute up to 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a major contributor to climate change, ...

Location icon 5 February 2020 - 15:00

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Airbus on supply chain transparency and tackling tropical deforestation

This week: Airbus’s Patrick Houdry and Earthworm Foundation’s Rob McWilliam on the development and implementation of satellite remote sensing system Starling, their joint project to help improve supply chain traceability and tackle deforestation impacts. Plus: mixed messages from Davos bankers on climate, Coke says plastic’s here to stay, Nestlé’s market-making on recycling, and CDP’s latest A-...

Location icon 24 Jan 20

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How business is using science-based targets to drive performance

This week: Nathan Shuler, sustainability solutions architect with Schneider Electric, debates the...

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How does landscape conservation/restoration work on the ground? An Indonesian case study

The focus of this discussion-based webinar is the Kampar Peninsula ‘Production: Protection’ appro...

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Can companies monetise a sustainable business approach?

This week: Kevin Eckerle from NYU Stern School of Business explains how companies can identify th...

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Forest preservation’s multifaceted social and environmental challenges

Speaking in the forests on the east coast of Sumatra, APRIL’s deputy head of conservation Brad Sa...

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Who young consumers trust to tell them the truth about brands

This week: a panel of millennial consumers from the University of Michigan and Columbia Universit...

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Bayer on the technology that can ensure future food security

Ronald Guendal, Bayer Crop Science’s global head of food security and advocacy, talks with Innova...

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GM’s evolving engagement on operational and product efficiencies

This week: Telva McGruder, director, workplace engineering and operations solutions at General Mo...

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How to preserve and restore degraded Sumatran forests

This week: APRIL’s Brad Sanders explains to Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb what the pulp and paper ...

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Could political economy analysis have saved Indonesia's palm oil pledge?

Peter Stanbury-Davis, principal of Frontier Practice, talks with Toby Webb about how thinking abo...

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Bayer on the innovations that drive food sector security

This week: Ronald Guendel, Bayer Crop Science’s global head of food security and advocacy, on the...

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Satelligence on how data analysis has tracked the Amazon fires

Niels Wielaard, co-founder and CEO of Satelligence, explains to Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh how ...

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How standards counter food fraud and supply chain fragility

This week: David Horlock, managing director for global food and retail supply chains at BSI, demo...

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