Human rights and trade

Microphone Responsible recruitment: tackling forced labour at the root

Recruitment is often the stage at which workers in supply chains can be most vulnerable to fallin...

Microphone Is slavery the greatest human rights risk for business?

Yousuf Aftab, principal at Enodo Rights, explains to Ian Welsh why modern slavery is both a salie...

Microphone Capacity building to enforce modern slavery laws

Tim Gehring, director of global policy and partnership, International Justice Mission and Ian Wel...

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Modern slavery messages not yet getting through

The inaugural UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index, backed by BRE and the anti-t...

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Recruitment incentives continue to drive modern slavery

Illicit revenues from forced labour stand at $150 billion a year, the Consumer Goods Forum estima...

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Build trust to remedy supply chain slavery

Companies that have a deep understanding of their supply chains will inevitably come across poor ...

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The Future of Food

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