Forests and agriculture

Microphone Why better satellite data is the key to effective deforestation action

Airbus’s head of sales, agriculture and forest solutions, Patrick Houdry, and Earthworm Foundatio...

Microphone The big brands that still 'do nothing' on deforestation, and Patagonia on living wages

This week: Forest 500 report authors Sarah Rogerson and Emma Thomson, from Global Canopy, outline...

Microphone Future of fertiliser?

This week: Amy Yoder, CEO of agri-tech business Anuvia Plant Nutrients, on innovation in fertilis...

Microphone Webinar – Reducing climate impacts in agriculture: How are leading food brands taking action?

In order to limit global temperatures to 1.5C, greenhouse gas emissions must fall 45% from 2010 l...

Microphone The global links between business, tropical deforestation and the climate crisis

This week: Nathalie Walker, director, tropical forests and agriculture at the US’s National Wildl...

Microphone Faster and clearer deforestation data for the palm oil sector

Niels Wiellard, managing director of Satelligence, discusses the potential of the new Radar Alert...

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Does a more direct activist approach drive deforestation progress?

A clear characteristic of the past decade was the emergence of a more collaborative relationship ...

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Deforestation: five years of corporate progress?

It has been five years since the first Innovation Forum conference on deforestation. And the conv...

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Soy’s evolving sustainability story

The media spotlight provided by this summer’s Amazon fires has refocused attention on the links b...

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The Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum

Calendar icon London

Location icon 18th - 19th March 2020

Image city clouds cotton 1640081

Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference

Calendar icon Amsterdam

Location icon 28th - 29th April 2020

Image waldemar brandt ncqxxssg3oo unsplash2

The Future of Food

Calendar icon Minneapolis

Location icon 27th - 28th May 2020

Image photo of new york city cityscape 2404843  1

The Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum

Calendar icon New York City

Location icon 5th - 6th May 2020

Image soybean field

The Future of Food

Calendar icon London

Location icon 2nd - 3rd June 2020

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