Forests and agriculture

Microphone Palm oil’s complex impact on biodiversity

Erik Meijard, founder of Borneo Futures, discusses why the palm oil sector has such a bad reputat...

Microphone How BNP Paribas promotes sustainable palm oil

Elisabeth Hipeau, senior industry analyst, BNP Paribas, explains to Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb ...

Microphone Weekly podcast: changing corporate deforestation commitments, and impact of slavery sanctions

This week: Mickael Blais from the French Alliance for Forest Protection talks to Toby Webb about ...

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What does the future look like for sustainable smallholder farms?

Two-thirds of the three billion people in rural landscapes in the developing world live as part o...

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Why landscape restoration boosts productivity and protects forests

A staggering one in every five hectares of vegetated land worldwide is showing some sign of degra...

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Why the RSPO and Nestlé saga leaves questions unanswered

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil has reversed its suspension of food giant Nestlé’s members...

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The Future of Food

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