Supply chain strategy

Microphone How to achieve supply chain trust

Antoine Heuty, founder and CEO of Ulula, talks with Innovation Forum's Ian Welsh about what is re...

Microphone How to capture supplier data more effectively

Laura Houghton, manager, global customer success and marketing for Segura and Simon Nicholls, man...

Microphone Is the ICT sector tackling forced labour risks?

Kilian Moote, project director for Know the Chain, takes Ian Welsh through his organisation’s lat...

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Is digitisation an unstoppable trend for apparel?

Few industries are as in need of more flexibility and control of production to meet ever-shifting...

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How deadlines get in the way of company commitments

There is nothing quite like the pressure of time to focus the mind. And that has been the strateg...

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The radical supply chain transparency solution

Unilever has said its latest attempt to create a more transparent supply of palm oil is a “major ...

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The Future of Food

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