Designing for circularity: The fundamentals for a successful transition to a circular economy

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Truly circular business models need to incorporate the full value chain. In an effort to fully close the loop, brands need to ensure that mechanisms for circularity are put in place from the design stage. R&D teams and designers are looking for new ways to upcycle used textiles into new high value textiles. Adidas is planning to follow in multiple brands’ footsteps by committing to collecting used garments, and companies such as ASOS and H&M are working on training their design teams to work in circular designs. 

However, this is all easier said than done. There are still no commercially viable recycling technologies available for blended textiles, which account for a high proportion of all apparel in the market today; and brands need to ensure buy in from above to ensure this is implemented company wide. 

The session will look at the existing and emerging innovations the fashion industry has to offer to ensure that circularity is embedded from the design stage. We will look to answer questions such as: 
  • How can sustainability teams and designers work together effectively to find circular solutions?
  • What is the first step to incorporating circularity into R&D?
  • What systems and technologies exist for companies to improve the recyclability of materials?
  • How have brands used recycled content in their products?

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