How do you truly engage and enable consumers in circular fashion?

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At present, the textile system operates in a linear way. Most pieces of clothing are only worn a couple of times and then mostly end up in landfill. For brands to move away from this business model, engaging consumers is key. However, with the growth of cheap online fast-fashion brands, the risk is that consumers move further and further away from engaging in sustainable practices. On the other hand, Lyst recently reported a 47% increase in shoppers looking for more sustainable and ethical items. 
Various company initiatives are under way. H&M and Levi’s have separately partnered with I:CO to collect clothing from consumers to be reused and recycled. Patagonia also collects used items in store and offers repair services to its customers. 
With a panel of specialists, we will discuss:
  • What evidence is there that consumers are willing to engage in circularity?
  • How brands can ensure that consumers have the information they need to make more sustainable choices
  • The methods that enable consumers to participate in a straight forward, user friendly way
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Anna-Karin Sundelius


Circular Strategy Lead

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Frouke Bruinsma

G-Star Raw

Corporate Responsibility & Communications Director

Thumb kim poldner

Kim Poldner

Wageningen University & Research

Professor in Circular Business

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