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Microphone Marks & Spencer on evolving food packaging and giving consumers what they want

Developing a balanced approach to packaging

Louise Nicholls, head of human rights, food sustainability and food packaging at Marks & Spencer, talks with Ian Welsh about the brand’s trial of plastic free aisles in London stores, and the challenges in encouraging customers to be comfortable with unpacked produce. Nicholls argues that simply demonising plastic doesn’t solve the problem – and that it’s more a question of switching the balance towards alternatives where they make sense.

They also discuss M&S’s work on developing transparency on modern slavery in its supply chains, how retailers can connect with workers and farmers beyond tier 1, and why this approach is all part of ensuring long-term security of supply.

Join Louise Nicholls at Innovation Forum's Future of Food conference in London on 4th and 5th June. Click here for full details.

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