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Reducing climate impacts in agriculture: How are leading businesses taking action?

Agriculture, forestry and other land use continues to contribute up to 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a major contributor to climate change, ...

Location icon 5 February 2020 - 15:00

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Airbus on supply chain transparency and tackling tropical deforestation

This week: Airbus’s Patrick Houdry and Earthworm Foundation’s Rob McWilliam on the development and implementation of satellite remote sensing system Starling, their joint project to help improve supply chain traceability and tackle deforestation impacts. Plus: mixed messages from Davos bankers on climate, Coke says plastic’s here to stay, Nestlé’s market-making on recycling, and CDP’s latest A-...

Location icon 24 Jan 20

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Why food companies must innovate to cut impact

Jon Dettling, global director for services and innovation at Quantis, and Innovation Forum’s Ian ...

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The story behind the Amazon fires

This week: Niels Wiellard from Satelligence on how satellite data analysis can provide crucial de...

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Plastics Oceans UK on how to avoid unintended consequences of switching from plastic

Simon Usher, CEO of Plastics Oceans UK, talks with Ian Welsh about some of the changes in public ...

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How business can realistically cut plastic use

This week: Nestlé’s Anna Turrell, Plastics Europe’s Eric Quenet and Closed Loop Partners’ Kate Da...

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The role of biofuels in a just transition to a low carbon economy

Stephen Wetmore, director of business development at the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, ...

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Weekly podcast: how financial institutions are driving sustainable landscapes

This week: ABN Amro’s Dick Ligthart, M+G Investments’ Anita McBain and Invesco’s Maria Lombardo o...

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Webinar – A roadmap to 2025: how business can achieve plastics targets

When it comes to plastics, all stakeholders ultimately want the same thing: to reduce and elimina...

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Weekly podcast: how public attitudes are impacting plastic pollution trends

This week: Simon Usher, CEO of Plastics Oceans UK, on the trends and innovations developing in pl...

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How to align business and worker interests in the Indian apparel sector

Anant Ahuja, co-founder and CEO of Good Business Lab, talks with Innovation Forum’s Haafizah Khod...

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Rainforest Foundation Norway on biofuel’s impact on deforestation

Nils Hermann Ranum, head of the drivers of deforestation programme at Rainforest Foundation Norwa...

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GAR on the emotional debate around palm oil as a biofuel

Anita Neville, senior vice-president group corporate communications, Golden Agri-Resources, and I...

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Weekly podcast: innovation in agriculture supply chains, and how Microsoft and Hilton engage the C-suite on sustainability

This week: Jon Dettling from Quantis on how business can innovate to tackle supply chain challeng...

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