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Reducing climate impacts in agriculture: How are leading businesses taking action?

Agriculture, forestry and other land use continues to contribute up to 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a major contributor to climate change, ...

Location icon 5 February 2020 - 15:00

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Airbus on supply chain transparency and tackling tropical deforestation

This week: Airbus’s Patrick Houdry and Earthworm Foundation’s Rob McWilliam on the development and implementation of satellite remote sensing system Starling, their joint project to help improve supply chain traceability and tackle deforestation impacts. Plus: mixed messages from Davos bankers on climate, Coke says plastic’s here to stay, Nestlé’s market-making on recycling, and CDP’s latest A-...

Location icon 24 Jan 20

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Business sustainability – why small changes can have big impact

This week: CB Bhattacharya, professor of sustainability and ethics at the University of Pittsburg...

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Accountability Framework initiative: developing corporate deforestation and commodity commitments

In the first of a new podcast series about the Accountability Framework initiative, Rainforest Al...

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Webinar – Can audits work to tackle human rights violations?

In this webinar panellists from QIMA, Aldo, Twinings and BAT discuss how companies and suppliers ...

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Can business help balance smallholder farm conservation and livelihoods?

Emily Kunen from Nestlé, Gotz Martin from Golden Agri-Resources and Róisín Mortimer from Earthwor...

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Why Bangladesh’s garment factories must continue to be more innovative

Rubana Huq, president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, and mana...

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How can certification be effective in the plastics debate?

This week: Franco Costantini, managing director of Control Union UK on how and why certification ...

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Why corporate targets are no longer just fingers in the wind

Nathan Shuler, sustainability solutions architect at Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainabili...

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TFA on the tradeoffs that can scale the landscape approach

This week: Justin Adams, executive director of the Tropical Forest Alliance discusses the challen...

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How to make the sustainable business intangibles tangible

Kevin Eckerle, director for corporate research and engagement at NYU Stern School of Business and...

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Can the apparel sector grasp technology’s opportunities?

This week: Rubana Huq, president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Associatio...

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How to make tropical forest restoration work

This week: Lucita Jasmin and Brad Sanders from Indonesian resources company APRIL, Fitrian Ardian...

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Do millennials trust brands?

Speaking with Ian Welsh at Innovation Forum’s recent business and impacts conference in Detroit, ...

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