Will plastics hysteria be the kick the circular economy needs to succeed?

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The role of plastics in the circular economy according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation could lead to a disruptive economic, social and technological revolution. It is thought that some £500bn could be saved annually through the implementation of a circular economy, with plastics playing a large role in this.  

While a systemic shift in business models is a big undertaking, being ahead of the game is an opportunity for business to profit whilst improving operations. 
In this session, we will look at the route to a plastic circularly economy and hear from some industry leaders on topics such as recycling vs reduce and reuse and what the cost element of recycling vs virgin looks like. 
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Rudi Daelmans


Group Sustainability Scouting and Advocacy Director

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Susanne Folkerts


Project Manager Sustainability

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Rachel Gray


Behaviour Change Manager

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Managing Director

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