Looking towards the future: How will consumer expectations shift the retail environment in the next 5 years?

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Consumer mindsets are changing. They are more likely than ever to base purchasing decisions on the sustainability performance of a product. With a shift in mindsets, apparel and fashion brands need to adapt production processes to keep up. But will this shift in consumer attitudes impact the retail environment in an even more drastic way? 
Increasingly brands, such as Patagonia and Filippa K, are incorporating resale into their offering, both instore and online. Subscription services are also continuing to grow in popularity and availability. And 3D printing has long been promised as a transformational technology.  
In this closing session, we’ll ask our experts to debate the most significant retail trends and how they’ll be impacted by the rise of the ethical consumer. 
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Anna Maria Rugarli

VF Corporation

Senior Director, Sustainability & Responsibility, EMEA

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Alfred Vernis


Sustainability Academic Director

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