From ‘do-good’ to ‘must-do’: How much are investors actively engaging in sustainability

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According to the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, sustainable business models can unlock new market opportunities worth US$5 trillion by 2030 in Asia alone. Investors and financiers alike are taking notice and are increasingly focused on companies that are embracing more sustainable practices. In recent years, BNP Paribas announced it would use $10 billion in capital by 2025 for projects that are committed to improving social and environmental impact in developing countries; and The World Bank recently doubled its five-year climate investments to around US$200 billion.
How will these changing investor priorities affect the apparel sector and how can financial bodies actively engage in sustainable fashion?
In this session, we will ask our speakers questions such as: 
  • How far up the priority ladder is sustainability when investing in apparel supply chains?
  • What do investors expect to see from apparel brands in terms of commitments, action and how this is communicated? 
  • What is the role of investors in encouraging the creation of new and innovative fibre and manufacturing processes?
  • Which sustainable financing options are now available?
  • How investor pressure can drive the business case internally and truly engage the board in sustainability 

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