Fighting climate change in the apparel sector: Are science-based targets actually impacting company strategy and practices?

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The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and fashion emissions are predicted to increase by over 60% in the next 12 years. With the recent aspirational ambition to keep temperature increases below 1.5°C, the fashion industry needs to reconsider how its operations can be carried out within these planetary limits. 
In this session, we will look at how fashion and textile brands have been applying science-based targets to their company strategy and how these can be scaled. 
-        What are some examples of companies effectively using science-based targets in their strategy?
-        What other methods are at your disposal to reduce your climate impacts?
-        How can the fashion industry innovate without compromising nature?
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Pauline Op de Beeck

The Carbon Trust

Client Manager and Fashion Sector Lead

Thumb lee risby

Lee Alexander Risby

C&A Foundation

Head of Effective Philanthropy

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Sara Bermúdez Couto


Head of Product Safety & Environmental Sustainability

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François-Xavier Morvan


Sustainability Performance Senior Manager

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