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Reducing climate impacts in agriculture: How are leading businesses taking action?

Agriculture, forestry and other land use continues to contribute up to 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a major contributor to climate change, ...

Location icon 5 February 2020 - 15:00

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Airbus on supply chain transparency and tackling tropical deforestation

This week: Airbus’s Patrick Houdry and Earthworm Foundation’s Rob McWilliam on the development and implementation of satellite remote sensing system Starling, their joint project to help improve supply chain traceability and tackle deforestation impacts. Plus: mixed messages from Davos bankers on climate, Coke says plastic’s here to stay, Nestlé’s market-making on recycling, and CDP’s latest A-...

Location icon 24 Jan 20

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How Tesco frames its environmental targets

Kené Umeasiegbu, head of environment at Tesco, talks with Ian Welsh about how the business has us...

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Webinar: Money talks: How financial institutions are driving sustainable landscapes and commodities

Over the past decade, sustainable and impact investing has grown from a niche form of financing t...

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Webinar: Delivering on supply chain commitments: Closing the accountability loop in 2020 and beyond

See here for the accompanying slides to the webinar. The past two years have seen rapid progress ...

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Weekly podcast: how biofuels can be part of a zero-carbon economy, and apparel sector worker empowerment

This week: Stephen Wetmore from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials and Ian Welsh discuss ...

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The Nature Conservancy on what a Cerrado conservation agreement might look like

David Cleary, head of agriculture at The Nature Conservancy, talks with Toby Webb about the shift...

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How to avoid data overload in the food and forest sectors

Rob Waterworth, chief executive of the Mullion Group, discusses with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh...

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Weekly podcast: How to mitigate biofuel impacts on land use change and tropical deforestation

This week: Nils Hermann Ranum, head of the drivers of deforestation programme at Rainforest Found...

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IBM on the potential for AI in food supply chains

Dan Wolfson, IBM distinguished engineer with the Weather Company, discusses the potential of arti...

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Quantis on how the food sector can establish clear climate strategy roadmaps

Carole Dubois, senior sustainability consultant and food sector lead at Quantis, talks with Ian W...

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Weekly podcast: Tesco on using science-based targets to tackle food supply challenges

This week: Kené Umeasiegbu, head of environment at Tesco, talks about how food retailers can tack...

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Greenpeace on the massive business-model changes required to prevent climate change

Richard George, head of forests, Greenpeace UK, and Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb discuss the main...

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Ipsos on the intention-behaviour gap for consumer purchasing decisions

Tamara Ansons, behaviour science consultant at Ipsos, and Ian Welsh discuss new research – from I...

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