Supply chain strategy

Microphone Weekly podcast: how to save lives in tropical commodity supply chains, and JLL on mapping modern slavery risks

This week: Jason Glaser, founder of La Isla Network, on how simple measures to allow farm workers...

Microphone Webinar – Actionable intelligence: combining data and tools to enhance supply chain visibility

In this webinar hear expert discussion on how companies can blend different data streams to proac...

Microphone Weekly podcast: how satellite data analysis can transform supply chains, and ETI, Coca-Cola and Walmart on point of recruitment risks

This week: Sarah Middlemiss from Ecometrica on the potential of satellite data analysis for commo...

Microphone Cotton Connect on how gender empowerment strengthens supply chains

Alison Ward, CEO of CottonConnect, talks with Ian Welsh about why developing better life skills i...

Microphone Tackling global textile waste and moving to circular supply chains

Speaking to Innovation Forum’s Tanya Richard, Cyndi Rhoades, CEO of Worn Again Technologies, outl...

Microphone Weekly podcast: Mondelez’s deforestation impacts in west Africa

This week: Christine McGrath from Mondelez International and Meghann Jones from Ipsos talk with I...

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Is digitisation an unstoppable trend for apparel?

Few industries are as in need of more flexibility and control of production to meet ever-shifting...

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How deadlines get in the way of company commitments

There is nothing quite like the pressure of time to focus the mind. And that has been the strateg...

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The radical supply chain transparency solution

Unilever has said its latest attempt to create a more transparent supply of palm oil is a “major ...

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The Positive Impact Forum

Calendar icon London

Location icon 18th - 19th June 2019

Image field of crops

The Future of Food

Calendar icon Chicago

Location icon 22nd - 23rd May 2019

Image photo 1529511582893 2d7e684dd128

The Future of Food

Calendar icon London

Location icon 4th - 5th June 2019

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Are biofuels sustainable?

Calendar icon Brussels

Location icon 25 June 2019

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