Forests and agriculture

Microphone Weekly podcast: The Nature Conservancy on deforestation and land conversion, and Mullion Group on food sector stakeholder trust

This week: David Cleary, head of agriculture at The Nature Conservancy, talks with Toby Webb abou...

Microphone Why current market mechanisms don’t reflect the true cost of food

Libby Bernick, managing director of Trucost Corporate Business, S&P Global, discusses with Ia...

Microphone Weekly podcast: how palm oil supply chains can become more forest-positive

This week: Golden Agri-Resources’ Anita Neville on how the debate on biofuels is shifting and how...

Microphone Syngenta on how to tackle global agriculture productivity challenges

Jill Wheeler, head of sustainable productivity Syngenta North America, and Duane Martin, commerci...

Microphone Danone on why agriculture must shift to being regenerative, not just sustainable

Mariano Lozano, CEO of Danone North America, discusses with Toby Webb about what’s necessary to m...

Microphone Weekly podcast: IBM on use of AI in agriculture, and Quantis on science-based targets engagement

This week: Dan Wolfson, IBM distinguished engineer with the Weather Company, discusses the potent...

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Packaging drives pulp’s deforestation risks

The pulp and paper sector has historically been associated with deforestation risks – particularl...

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Why climate resilient crops must be the future

The recent EAT-Lancet review of the global food system has been widely welcomed. By connecting, f...

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Agriculture’s higher productivity and lower impact future

The World Bank’s decision to double the amount of cash it will invest in climate action projects ...

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The Future of Plastics

Calendar icon Amsterdam

Location icon 30th - 31st October 2019

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Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Calendar icon London

Location icon 20th - 21st November 2019

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