Forests and agriculture

Microphone GAR on how to develop smallholder communities that thrive

Gotz Martin, head of sustainability implementation, Golden Agri-Resources, talks with Ian Welsh a...

Microphone Why Mondelez takes a holistic approach to supply chain risks

Christine McGrath, chief well-being, sustainability, public and government affairs officer at Mon...

Microphone Sustainable commodities: is the landscape approach the future?

With 2020 fast approaching, companies are facing increasing pressure in cleaning up their supply ...

Microphone Why palm oil is about more than deforestation

Anita Neville, Golden Agri-Resources’ vice-president of corporate communications and sustainabili...

Microphone Webinar: what will a sustainable rural community look like in 2030?

Sustainable rural communities are critical to the sustained success of global agri-businesses. Af...

Microphone Deforestation: can we separate the food and fuel debates?

Speaking at the recent RSPO meeting in Paris, Mickael Blais from the French Alliance for Forest P...

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How different is the RSPO’s future now?

Two 60-day public consultations, 18 face-to-face events in 13 countries, six task force meetings,...

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Tropical deforestation: where’s the beef?

Cattle ranching, to produce beef, is the biggest driver of deforestation, linked to more tree los...

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The sustainable soy story

Levels of soy production has become an ever-greater factor in the deforestation debate. While in ...

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The Future of Food

Calendar icon London

Location icon 4th - 5th June 2019

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Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference

Calendar icon Amsterdam

Location icon 9th - 10th April 2019

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The Future of Food

Calendar icon Chicago

Location icon 22nd - 23rd May 2019

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