Business innovation

Microphone How a landscape approach helps offsetting deliver

Jessica Verhagen, vice-president business development and strategy at Ecosphere+, talks with Ian ...

Microphone Weekly podcast: Ikea on the potential of circular economy business models

This week: Inter Ikea’s circular supply chain project leader Eleonora Tieri on how and why the fu...

Microphone Weekly podcast: Marks & Spencer on the future for packaging and food supply chains

This week: Louise Nicholls, head of human rights, food sustainability and food packaging at Marks...

Microphone How to link reporting to better decision-making

Eric Hespenheide, chair of the Global Reporting Initiative, discusses with Ian Welsh how the glob...

Microphone GM’s zero-emissions transport ambition

David Tulauskas, director of sustainability at General Motors, talks with Ian Welsh about how GM ...

Microphone Do companies even want to know what’s material to them?

Joe Arvai, professor of social enterprise and director of the Erb Institute, and Ian Welsh debate...

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Could an innovative Green New Deal kick start 2019?

The term Green New Deal has come back onto the political radar. In 2019, whether you’re an entrep...

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Weekly podcast: GRI on value from transparency and Global Agribusiness Alliance on what’s been positive in 2018

This week: Ruth Thomas, director of the Global Agribusiness Alliance, reflects on her favourite i...

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Why business must make climate its business now

There are lots of good reasons why companies now need to get very serious about climate change. A...

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Are biofuels sustainable?

Calendar icon Brussels

Location icon 25 June 2019

Image image tree in hand

The Positive Impact Forum

Calendar icon London

Location icon 18th - 19th June 2019

Image nb plastics dreamstime m 52445342

The Future of Plastics

Calendar icon Amsterdam

Location icon 30th - 31st October 2019

Image dreamstime m 86078171

Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

Calendar icon London

Location icon 20th - 21st November 2019

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